Friday, January 22, 2010

Land Investing is a Balancing Act - Rio Del Oro Subdivision

Land Investing is a Balancing Act

You want great deals. Right? And we all want to know when is the best time to get great deals. Right? Well, you may have heard it before, and you may hear it again, but now is an excellent time to buy land.

Like most investments, land is best purchased regularly, at different prices, to average the cost of your total holdings. Balancing of a portfolio of stocks and bonds is done by buying more stocks when the value of the stocks you own declines. If you want 50% of your investments in stocks, and the value of your stocks declines, you would buy more stocks and divest of other assets until your balance is 50% stocks again.

The same balancing act can be used very successfully in land investing. Have your land holdings gone down in value? We thought so. If you were comfortable with % of your investments that were in land before the recession, shouldn't you buy more land now to balance your investments, and have your investments carry the same "weight" in land as prior to the recession? Yes! You should. And when land appreciates, it may cause the balance to skew the other direction, at which time you should sell some of your land (if need be) to balance your investments again. When you are ready to sell we can help you with listings on, but now is the time to buy!

This week we are offering seven, non adjoining lots, Rio Del Oro Subdivision, part of the Rio Communities along the Rio Grande River in New Mexico, $900 each or all 7 for $5,000 (first come, first serve). These are nice quarter acre lots, with a dirt road to each lot. The lots are only several miles from Walmart and downtown Belen.

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