Friday, November 18, 2011

100% Down Payment Match, up to first $1,000 in Down Payment. Get a great deal this weekend!

We will match your down payment on any “Guaranteed Financing” Lot below. Up to the first $1,000. Last week we offered this deal on one lot, now we are offering it on the following three lots:

Costilla County, Colorado, San Luis Valley Ranches.TERMS $150/Month - $5,000
Humboldt County, Nevada, 40 Acres Near Winnemucca. TERMS $160/Month - $15,000
Bastrop County, Texas, Tahitian Village Resort. TERMS $200/Month - $ 6,500
Landbidz Google+ has a Google+ Page now. Google+ is a social network, like Facebook. We invite you to join us. Check out our page here: 663328121106674

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