Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't miss California 1 Acre Lots for only $2,500 Cash. Don't Wait to Buy Real Estate (really), Buy Real Estate and Wait. / Online Land Sales LLC - Land Sales Update

1 Acre California Pines Resort Lot, Alturas, CA. CASH EMAIL LIST MEMBER SPECIAL! BUY FOR $2,500 CASH! FULL ACRE IN CALIFORNIA, FREE AND CLEAR, NO BACK TAXES. THIS IS THE BEST PRICE EVER ON THESE LOTS! 06/28 to 06/31 Only. Thanks for being an email list member! Really! 30 days to pay at cash price with 20% down. This is a nice Northern California Community on a lake. This deal is so outstanding we don' know quite how to express it. The lots have gravel roads to them. Check out the listing for details.

1/4 Acre Rio Del Oro, Valencia County, New Mexico CASH

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

$1 down, no doc fee, reduce price by 10%.

Buy any lot in the next 48 hours and we will waive the documentation fee (normally $120), and we will reduce the sales price by 10%. Thats right! Buy any terms lot for just $1 down, no documention fee, and the sales price will be reduced by 10%. Or, if you want to buy for cash, there will be no documentation fee, and the sales price will be reduced by 10%. This is a great chance to expand your portfolio while there is still a buyers market. If you bought a lot from us already this year (2010), take advantage of this special and we will give you 5% off of your other purchase also.

1 Acre California Pines Resort Lot, Alturas, CA. CASH $4,200 FORGET THAT PRICE WE HAVE NEW ONES WE HAVE NOT LISTED - NEW PRICE $2,500 Cash (limited time only)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

NEW LOTS NOT YET LISTED: We are listing some new lots this week. You are being given an advance preview below.

NEW LOTS: If you buy before we list, you will save. We are going to list these for sale this week at 25% more than the prices you see below. Lots will be delivered free and clear with no back taxes. Here are the lots:
AZMohaveTract: 1114 Delta City Unit #3 Lot 54 54224-14-054.14 Acres$1000
AZMohaveKingman Mercantile Highway Tract (in Kingman)Block 1Lot 41part of APN: 302-11-0030.07 Acre$1500
AZMohaveKingman Mercantile Highway Tract (in Kingman)Block 1Lot 42part of APN: 302-11-0030.07 Acre$1500
AZMohaveLake Mead Rancheros Unit 16 lot 48674867312-10-3451.25$2000
AZMohaveRealsite Arizona Ranchettes Unit 7, Lot 32253225341-03-3911.05$2000

If you buy one of the lots above you will automatically be registered as a Premier Buyer. This "Premier" status is a new existing customer incentive program that we will release more information about next week. Members holding this status will be entitled to additional discounts on future purchases.

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