Friday, January 09, 2009

Online Land Sales LLC liquidates land parcels at

Online Land Sales LLC is using as a primary liquidation outlet.  A representative of Online Land Sales, Melissa Park, said “land sales are a natural fit alongside sales of antiques and collectibles.”   She thinks that the two companies will have a great year in 2009 and an even better one in 2010, as the economy starts a recovery.

Online Land Sales LLC has a large presence on the internet and has always had a 100% guarantee on the land that it sells.  The company offers 100% financing on many of the land parcels that it sells.  Liveauctioneers is an internet auction platform, specifically designed for use with live auctions conducted at auction houses.  

Here is the 1st catalog of land auctions at


Live Auctioneers online auctions

Online Land Sales - Cash or 100% Financing

Online Land Sales LLC - 8:00 PM PT - Jan 15th, 2009 5 days

954322: Hawaii, Ocean View Estates, 100% Financing 954367: Hawaii Big Island Ocean View Estates Paradise 954365: Hawaii Big Island Ocean View Estates Paradise 954335: 40 ACRE Ranch, North Eastern, NV 954337: 40 ACRE Ranch, North Eastern, NV

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